Good news. flat top carbs as expected on faster c


Good news.. flat top carbs as expected on faster c

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  • I'd still have a c if it hadn't melted under me.... But I do like a fuel gauge.

  • All c's had them lol as only early d's that didn't

  • Wrong! My 1990 C1 hasn't got them.

  • You should get a set. OMFG is the difference they make

  • All UK ZZR1100s were restricted to 125 bhp up to about 1996-7.

  • Mine.

  • Not what I've heard from someone who has one of each, he says it's not really worth it as there's very little difference.

  • My d2 was restricted until I changed them. It was blatantly noticeable

  • My d2 was 95 and restricted

  • My c2 was full power as was my d6

  • Someone must have de restricted the C before you got it, if it was a UK model.

  • Once the secret got out a lot of people had the tops changed by the dealers from new.

  • Is this why it's commonly known as the faster c

  • Oh shush

  • My 90 C1 has restricted Carb tops :-( but I have a set of zc9 carbs that will be donating their tops over the winter, along with the stainless 4 into 2 system with twin viper end cans, should go and sound nice :-)

  • Opened that can of worms again. That's Yimyam s job

  • Mine

  • oooooo they will be the restrcited ones :/ quick get them changed before people lie and say the D is slower ;)

  • yea you need more rear tyres lol :D

  • my d1 was full power when i got it

  • From new?

  • Can't be arsed spending £60, I won't be hammering it anyway.

  • My spare set

  • look nice m8 :)

  • Reserve setje is nooit weg ;-).heb nog meer op reserve.altijd makkelijk

  • IanTomlinson and Darren Yimyam Ball are the bad boys here

  • :D dont know what you mean :D

  • C needs all the help it can get

  • I have two C's one restricted and one unrestricted. I can't tell a lot of difference. However on the restricted one I have a 4-1 Micron r (not for road use) exhaust which is about 1/4 of the weight of a standard one. I did the swap myself so nothing else was done re rejetting the carbs. I would say the unrestricted one is marginally torqueier, but only if you give it the full beans.