Good evening everybody


Good evening everybody

I'm pleased to welcome aboard another 2 new members to the group

%d comments
  • Welcome the both of you to the asylum. Once you your in you can't get

  • well said D rider ;)

  • Welcome aboard guys....hope you enjoy the ride lol

  • Welcome both to the bestist zzr group

  • Hi to all thanks for your welcome I am sure it's as mad as you all say it is so I will feel right at home

  • And another D owner

  • I will post a pic when I get to my lap top.

  • Cheers guys

  • Its a Pitty That you have the slower D but I forgive you.

  • Trow the 1200 away and keep the 1400. Maybe you can buy a faster C fore the 1200.

  • Welcome

  • Behave

  • Not the slower C

  • Slower D ?

  • Deluded c rider Graham Cawsey

  • Come on in guys, take a seat, feel free to start bickering and squabbling. Oh... and keep your dirty hands off the clean furniture

  • Welcome to The loony tunes.home of the fast C and slower D

  • Oh do behave

  • Your getting as bad as Kevin Merchant lol