Good day brothers and sisters

Good day brothers and sisters!

March 20,2017


Natio nal Officers, Chapter Heads and Chapter Officers

To maintain the prestige and finesse of KROS over the request of other riders to join KROS.

Starting today, we will comply on the following requirements before we accept the rider/s as a KROS OFFICIAL MEMBER

To be a bonafide KROS Official Member you must complete the following:

1. Driver's License updated

2. OR/CR of the bike

3. Duly accomplished online registration

4.1 FOR NCR and near the METRO - 2 Tambay Nights and 1 compulsory tambay at PETRON Main Cuneta.

- 1 chapter ride 1 National long ride

4.2 FOR Provincial Chapters - 3 Tambay and 1 Chapter ride and 1 National Ride (1 Long Ride for chapters who can't comply the national ride)

* Automatic Graduate for Ride if that ride last 2 to 3 days accumulated 400 and up kms

Those who want to join will gain the probationary member status and KROS stickers can be provide. KROS Merchandise and Vest will be available once they reach the OFFICIAL member status

Those who join before the said date (March 20,2017) will be automatically OFFICIAL KROS Member

Make sure all chapter heads must provide their attendance and indicate their Probationary Members and post it at KROS Main Page together with your picture for documentation

- end of instruction -

Listed Chapters under KROS

1. KROS Main

2. KROS Manila

3. KROS Paranaque

4. KROS Bulacan

5. KROS Laguna

6. KROS Pampanga

7. KROS Quezon

8. KROS Olongapo, Zambales

9. KROS Palawan


11. KROS PANAY Chapter

12. KROS Nueva Ecija

ALL Chapter Heads must submit the following to Novic Novic

1. Masterlist of Chapter Members includes Name,address,contact number and drivers license number

2. List of Chapter Officers

Please comply and submit it on or before March 26,2017.

Have a nice day ahead! HURRAH

PS: For suggestions and reactions hit the comment below.


  • please include in the masterlist contact number incase of emergency,blood type,mc model,chapter

  • ganto ung format naten na kelangan isend kay Novic Novic .deadline po naten sa sunday.salamat.I will print hard copies para mamaya sa tambay naten.

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