Good afternoon to you all


Good afternoon to you all,

I went for a ride on the W on Sunday in the freezing cold to breath some life back into the battery. This was my first ride this year! I've missed the thing.

I will be doing the clean air system delete soon which is pretty easy by the looks of it.

I am really tempted to look at getting POD filters installed on the carbs to remove the big air boxes.

People who have done this, firstly is it worth it? Are there any drawbacks? And as I will be getting a garage to do it, rough cost for re jetting etc?


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  • Do the K+N Filters. Nice sound, subjectively a little more energetic engine. no. draw-backs so far. watch out to chabge the varbs needels though.

  • Thanks for the info, so jets and needles need changing? I'm not experienced enough to do the carb work so will be asking a garage to do it for me.

  • Take a look around - but I am not sure what the legal situation (noise/pollution) is at your place

  • Cool filters, Manuel Giese. Thanks for sharing the link.

  • The W650 is finely engineered, and personally I wouldn't mess with the airbox system, and consequently with the whole intake/exhaust cycle.. There is little noticeable gain in power or torque, and if you'd like a nicer soundtrack debaffle the thing or buy aftermarket silencers. Now it's your bike, so it's your call.

  • I have done this mod and would not recommend, and agree with Jack

  • Thanks for the comment, I'm not looking for gains in power or anything like that, maybe a bit of inlet noise. I have heard these bikes don't like pod filters as they are designed for air boxes... something to do with vacuum.

    I'm completely happy with the sound of the W as she's de baffled already. Just looking to tinker and I like the look of the pod filters.

  • That's kinda what I want to hear :) there is a lot of info either way but quite a few people saying it was hard to get them running right. And the issue about riding in heavy rain... I live in England so you never know when it's going to lash it down...

  • Wrong Marcus : you never know when it is NOT going to lash it down :D

  • True to the word. The intake/exhaust system is usually synchronized with the engine / performance. So I wouldn't expect any performance increases per se. As I have increased my ccm from 650 to 900 on the now former W650 I was in technical need for a lager volume flow. Thus said - will peobbaly look much nicer on a regular 650 but will not result innamy gains but looks / sound.

  • You don't gain much, and even visualy you only gain if you also replace the battery and hide the electronics under your seat on another box, hence getting the "clear" look under the seat. Do it, if you like it like that... It is your bike. and if you do not cut anything it will be reversible. But it is a hard job to get right. (for instance I like it but don't know how to do it, so won't mess around with it).

  • Not wrong :)

  • Listen to Uncle Jack. One of the Dubs idiosyncrasies is a tendency to respond poorly to tinkering with the stock set up. Unless you are an expert at jetting, plug chops, carb setting up and the like, I'd leave the intake side well alone. You may wish to shim the needle and rejet if you have any issues with the stock set up, as is widely done elsewhere.