Good afternoon all

Good afternoon all

I'd like to welcome Steve Joyce to the group

  • Gday Steve

  • Welcome Steve

  • Welcome to the group steve.

  • Hi thanks for the warm welcom

    Just bought myself a d7 withh 55k miles still sounds sweet

    Iill post some pics soon

  • Don't mind him he's just jealous you have a Nicer and faster D model

  • Another D owner

  • Hi Steve, welcome aboard

  • Welcome zed..

  • Welcome ... The group is deffo growing ..

  • Welcome to the patchwork family

  • Welcome Steve, its your turn to get the beers in :-)

  • Evening Steve, welcome to the group, I hope you enjoy your stay. Looking forward to those pics :D

  • Welcome mate....let the C/D Banter begin lol

  • Over to you Colin Webb

  • Whats 5kg between friends :D

  • Here we go again lol

  • I am sure we have had this discussion before

  • Im sure fitting anodised bolts will save 53 grams too :D

  • Lighter weaker bolts on a C is that to compensate for the lack of speed?

  • Lack of speed compared to a H2R :D The old lardy D well.....

  • Pmsl, have u seen the video of a blandit beating the h2r over 1/4 mile cos it xarnt get the power down?

  • No but ive seen it go through conker trees on the TT course and it was an easy 10mph plus faster than anything else.

  • Did they take it around again this year?

  • Welcome Steve.and everybody makes mistakes in his life .but it's still a Zed