Going to gradually start building the 500 tecate


Going to gradually start building the 500 tecate.

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  • I heard the 500's rattle like crazy. Interested to see how yours turns out, would be a sweet machine if the rattle could be controlled somehow

  • I really like the frame stand.

  • Yeah what Mike said..lol

  • James, I can tell you first hand that they do. My KX 500 is currently being gone through by Dave Roberts at ILR. He is doing extensive balancing work on the crank in an effort to reduce the vibration at idle. I'm confident in his abilities, but haven't ridden it yet.

  • Awesome, would love to hear the result!

  • if I new you were going to build one I could have sold you mine with out the plastic and probably saved you some cash.

  • I didn't know you were selling the 500

  • I was thinking of doing a 450 / 500 build next

  • ours had a 450 in it and it was damn fun but had to pull the motor just to check the valves, that was getting old.

  • That is awesome

  • Looking great so far.

  • Bolting it up to the engine stand has made this way easier