Going to buy my new bike tomorrow it s been too long I m getting the 2015 ninja...


Going to buy my new bike tomorrow it's been too long I'm getting the 2015 ninja 650 abs which is 7500 MSRP I figured since some of you guys have 650s aswell you could tell me what I might be able to talk the dealer down into to save a little bit of money thanks guys for any help in advance

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  • Why are you getting it with abs tho

  • Safety lol rains a lot in Florida don't wanna lock up

  • I live in Florida too

  • I just had to lock them up this week to avoid a deer that decided to jump out in front of me. I was glad to have ABS. In central PA there's still a little grit left on the roads from a bad winter. ABS did exactly what it was supposed to do and I was on my way home safely.

  • Damn Tony Mackey. I was proud of my deal. Now not so much. LOL

    Does yours have ABS?

  • I mean I guess I'm just use to not having it at all never had it in a car either

  • Damn dude. That was an awesome deal. RJ, don't know where you're located but it might be worth the trek to visit Tony's dealer.

  • In the middle of spring you have no bargaining power at a dealer as they know someone else will pay whatever they ask. If your looking for a better deal buy in the winter months.

  • Tell that to Tony Mackey. He just STOLE one. LOL

  • I live in Florida it's always riding season haha but so far he said he can get Luke 1000 off