Glemseck 2016 coming soon

Glemseck 2016 coming soon...

  • See you saturday!

    Albert run??

  • Yes. You will find us in the beergarten ;)

  • So Ulf, it's a piece of junk. Somewhat. :v

  • Geezus, that dyno says its a phucking rocket.

  • Jawoll!!!

  • a one hundred HP piece of junk. Not bad.

  • Ugly rims :-P

  • It is nearly 120hp and could be more. Depends on the NOX jets. Definitly no stuff for old farts.

  • :v

  • love it

  • Dat is ja schon mal guot, wenn dä Albert bei der Bullenhitze sain Trinkflasch dabei hätt... Aber hoffentlich nichts Alkoholisches da drinnen? ;-)

  • This fascinating W650 reminds me of an armoured horse with a barding from the late middle age ...