Giving the big girl a run


Giving the big girl a run

I'm on the A264

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  • Least you are on the road. My cow refused to start today. Just fired up after battery been charged up a bit.

  • Your correct Kevin not ya normal fairing lol

  • I recently had charging probs she ran fine, as the power drained from the battery she got progressively worse she's firing nice

  • Just voltage been down as its been cold lately. On my halfords trickle charger now.. Be taxing her on the 1st march. Wont be riding her as beer night on the 1st..might have a little jaunt out wed

  • I just did a 100mile round trip this arvo

  • A mean, scary look :D

  • Great to see you mobile again Al (y)

  • She's a bit different to the hooha

  • Aye I watched with interest while you built it :-)

  • I'm looking for another nose section for a diffo idea I have

  • Snap - was out on mine without lower fairings earlier!