• Giacomo Rollo shared a link to the group: Kawasaki W650.

    a brand new W800 is arriving???

    http://twitter.com/tkym/status /16938166582

    here we have some more rumors from USA as well ( Jul 19 2010):

    http://www.caferacer.net/forum /topic.as ... 778#131408

    Word here in Japan is that Kawasaki is going to introduce a W800 this fall. I haven't been able to find out anything else about it other than the speculation that it may be exported to U.S. & Europe as well. Guess we'll have to wait to see if this is anything other than rumor

    • sono due w 400 assemblate .

    • comunque se fosse vero sarebbe una svolta, c'è bisogno di W in questo mondo !

    • woohoo! how exciting!

    • Obviously with Injection instead of Carburetors... :-(