Giacomo Rollo shared a link to the group: Kawasaki W650.

W800 - Fuel Injection (FI) alarm led is on.. it disappears when the engine is turned off/on.

we have already 3 known cases in Italy.

Anybody else is experiencing this issue as well?

  • Confirmed. Kawasaki is calling back w800 sold in italy :( this demonstrates that w650 is better ? ;)

  • here the same with my w800, not a big problem i think

  • apparently.. this is the reason of the recall in italy

  • Kawasaki has identified a potential security problem on the vehicle in your possession and launched a recall campaign aimed at repairing it. On affected units, models 2011, motorcycles fitted with pneumatic tube, the tube of the front tire and / or rear may have been pinched between the tire and the rim during assembly. As a result, the tire may deflate unexpectedly, resulting in potential accident conditions. The repair is to inspect and, if necessary, replacement of one or both tubes. Depending on the model you own, the estimated time to complete the inspection can amount up to two and a half hours. If it is necessary to replace one or both tires and inner tubes, will be accurate care of your Kawasaki dealer to inform you about.

  • this doesn't concern the FI led (?!?!?)