Gentlemen which 2 stroke oil should I use in my 5hundo. I m from Hungary Europe

Gentlemen, which 2 stroke oil should I use in my 5hundo? I'm from Hungary, Europe. Thx!

  • i hope you realy know how advertizing works, when you speak of the maxima webside. a manufacturer tells you always, that his products are the best on planet, to sell it.. lol ..;) . we speak from practical use .. thats a important difference...

  • I speak from experience,but a little text won't hurt the argument, lol

    I know everyone has there own preference,but I've had best luck with 927,I know there's better stuff out there but for the price ands availability I'll stick with castor 927

  • I trust and value all your opinions,I'm fairly new to the k5s but in all my 250's I've always run 927 without problems,my bikes are taken care of and often rebuilt,that could be part of my luck

  • H1R @ 40:1

  • I second hr1 its formulated for power valve engines!!

  • I have super good luck with Motorex at a 40:1 ratio. I just don't trust a 50:1 ratio, I get that it's a concentrated oil and all that but it still seems kinda light.

  • Motul 800 50:1 runs forever.. no worries Modern oils are amazing..

  • Fuel burns, oil not so much. More oil you will actually lean your burn mixture.

  • Thx for everyone, I will go for Motul 800. Any tips about air filter oil?

  • You can't go wrong running the kawasaki k2r two stroke oil... been running it since 1984, working on bikes longer than that, and I have seen NOTHING that runs that clean.. Yamalube R is supposed to be the same thing..

  • Here is the best article I have ever read about oils... ls.htm

  • Ya I understand how it all works on that level.

  • Im on the honda side of the spectrum.. but Amsoils Interceptor/Dominator oils at 40-60:1 work awesome