Gday guys im restoring a 79 kdx400 at the moment does anyone know if anyone...


Gday guys, im restoring a 79' kdx400 at the moment, does anyone know if anyone reproduces the swing arm bushes, cant get them oem anymore, thanks in advance

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  • Thanks mate, they look a bit different to what ive pulled out, ill do a bit more investigating, thanks again

  • No prob.

  • Do they have a needle roller set up or a fibre bush ?

  • They appear to be the needle roller type

  • Do the sleeves look like this ?

  • My friend and KDX Doc Jeff Fredette set me up with swing arm bearings out of a Suzuki RM instead of the sleeve. Much smoother action. Check him out at FRPOFFROAD.COM. Tell him Tom sent you.

  • Hey Geoff Davis , Im not sure if they are like that, I havent punched them out of the swing arm yet, but looking at what I can see, I dont think mine are like that, I was thinking of getting a set machined up like this set, no real keen on running the plastic ones like ive seen, but then decided to source some bearings and make my own setup, thanks Tom Slover, ill check out FRP, if I can get it through him great, if not, ill make my own, thanks for the help guys

  • Hey Geoff Davis they are def like the ones in your photo, but are steel not brass, im def going to put a set of bearings in it, thanks for the help

  • The ones in the pic are steel, l plated them in zink to stop them rusting. Those sleeves are out of an '80 klx250. The original rollers in the swingarm are gone and have been replaced with brass bushes.

  • I had brass one's made for my 72 Apache.