Gary John shared Moto Journal's video to the group: The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society.

Zed zed riders fight back, what a cunt, (car driver)

  • Yer scarin me now Gaz lol :-)

  • RLFAAC for me.:-)

  • RLFAAC Dave?

  • Run Like Fuck and Avoid Confrontation Pat lol

  • lmao

  • lmao Dave lol....

  • You'll never win, either you or your bike or sometimes both will come off worse, chalk it up to experience and leave 'em standing.

  • I drive for a living and I see people get in that 'kill or be killed' mood for the slightest, stupidest reasons. And the MOST dangerous thing I see is women and girls actually challenging and taking on men in their vehicles.... unbelievable! (Not to mention dangerous), they MUST know these nutters are out there, it's in the papers every damn day...

  • its crazy on the roads these days too many people trying to prove they are tough ......i find a little common sense keeps me away from most of it though. i hate to say but there's far to many bikers that seem to think that because they are on two wheels the world owes them something ...its bad enough with the car drivers that dont care without them adding to it.

  • They think that can get away with anything because in tin can and can lock windows and doors