G day everyone I m doing an oil and filter change on my 99 D on the weekend


G'day everyone, I'm doing an oil and filter change on my 99 D on the weekend. I do all my own oil and filter changes on my cars but haven't done the ZZR before as I usually get it done at the bike mech shop. Q: Is there any things I should look out for or helpful tips ? I seem to remember a post about 2 drain points ? and should I drain the oil cooler separately or will it drain via the sump ? Thanks in advance B|

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  • I drain from the 2 sump bungs when I change mines oil

  • It drains when sump plugs are removed

  • I'll try and get ya pic

  • The second drain bolt is on the right hand side lower engine casing and all bolts are 17mm . The first drain bolt is next to the oil filter housing . So you will need to remove 3 bolts in total . Oh and remember its upside down , so righty tighty lefty loosy still applies , but messes with your head as its upside down :D Ive seen people struggling , because they have been tightening instead of undoing :D

  • Colin Webb , Does it make life easier to remove the lower fairing or would that be unnecessary ? Also Colin, there seems to be some oil seepage around the oil filter housing. Is there a gasket I need to buy or will there be an "O" ring seal with the filter ?

  • You need to remove only the right hand side lower , as it makes it a darn sight easier .

  • there is always 2 rubber o rings with the filters , although i have found some tend to be a bit bigger , so dont fit anyway , which is frustrating .

  • Yes, there are 2 drain plugs.

    No, don't touch the oil cooler.

    It's one of the few jobs on the Zed that is actually really easy.

  • Pic shows the 2 drain plugs and the oil filter bolt.

  • There is a better picture but I can't find it. It's pretty obvious when you have a look.

  • Torque for the plugs is 11ft/lbs, and 14.5ft/lbs for the filter bolt. That's not especially tight, many people overtighten them.

  • You are the man when it comes to torque wrench settings Roland Black, Cheers mate.

  • Hate paying mechanics to do such an easy job, just never tackled it on the ZZ-R before.

  • I bought a new one a while ago, haven't had a chance to use it yet!

  • It's a piece of piss, no need to pay some grease monkey £50 to do it.

  • None of my bikes have seen the inside of a bike shop in about 30 years.

    Probably explains a lot...

  • Oh, except for tyre changes of course, can't do that myself. Even then I used to get them done at a 'car tyre' place for a tenner.

  • dont remind me :(