Froze my ass off on this mornings commute My jacket thermals and jeans weren t...

Froze my ass off on this mornings commute. My jacket, thermals, and jeans weren't cutting it. When do you guys call it quits for the season? 45 is going to be my cut off temperature.

  • No such thing as bad weather ! Just the wrong clothes ! I ride all year as long as there isn't Snow on the ground I keep riding :)

  • 45 is generally mine as well. Sometimes colder if it is warming up nicely later in the day. I do have a heated jacket and gloves. I would ride all winter in my youth, but not so much any more.

  • No such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. -45 is the coldest I've ridden in. Got to have heated storage for the bike at those temperature though, or you have to boost them to get them going. 0W30 synthetic is a must, as well. ;-)

  • Just saying.....

  • I want to click like on this, but I. Just. Can't. God bless ya, brother!

  • So you hale and hardy winter rider, how do you deal with faceshield fogging? My Nolan has an inner shield, but I'm not really thrilled with it.

  • All my helmets have the pin lock system fitted no problem with fogging at all :)

  • Ian Atkinson I felt like the one on mine helped with fogging, but reduced clarity of vision more than I liked. Admittedly, I don't have tremendous eyesight and am probably more sensitive to that than some people.

  • I usually just leave the face shield cracked open a bit, if it's a problem.

  • Fair comment ! Used them for years probably just got used to it

  • Allen Cole Fox that's pretty much my approach these days!

  • On the highway I don't have any problems with it fogging up. And when going through town I just open it a tad and it stays pretty clear.

  • Buy halvarssons gear, it's made for Scandinavia

  • I have halvarssons and it's still going strong after 4 years

  • I use a sled helmet with a heated visor. You get frostbite with a visor cracked open when it's cold.

  • I've never ridden below 15 Degrees F.

  • We get a couple weeks of low 30s at the worst each year. I ride year round. Snoboard gloves. 2x socks my 2 piece leather suit with a sweater on under it.

  • I draw the line at ice.

  • buy better gear...