From. Geoffrey Beldua


From : Geoffrey Beldua

An open letter to the Management of Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kymco, Motorstar, Sym, Racal, Rusi, and other motorcycle manufacturers and dealers.

Dear Sir / Ma’am,

I write in behalf of my brothers and sisters who are avid riders and lovers of motorcycles. These two wheeled wonders are part and partial of our daily lives as we come to depend on them for our transportation, livelihood, or just for the simple joy of riding. These are the very same riders who have patronized your two wheeled wonders for years and have contributed to the success of your company in one way or another. The riders whom your wonderful machines have touched are the very same riders whose lives are being made miserable by the thoughtless ordinances being implemented by various cities and municipalities in Metro Manila.

You have no doubt heard of the motorcycle lanes in Macapagal Ave. and Commonwealth Ave., and soon EDSA, the implementation of which has resulted in increased risk for my fellow riders plying these routes, and the “plate number on the helmet” thing which also caused quite a stir among the riders. These are just a few ordinances which are supposedly for the safety and security of the public but in effect, discriminate and violate the rights of the riders – your patrons.

Now, there is talk of yet another ordinance in the City of Manila which will prohibit “riding in tandem” which, in the motorcycle world is properly called “riding with a pillion”. This is clearly a big blow to the riders who depend on their trusty motorcycles in taking their children, husbands, wives, girlfriends, or friends to their destination in order to save on costly fares. This is no doubt discrimination to the common “Juan Dela Cruz” who cannot afford to buy a 4 wheeler in order to serve the transportation needs of his family – a solution of which is provided by your good company.

In as much as these ordinances discriminate the rights of the riders, it also defeats the purpose of your products which are being patronized by the riders. This being said, we implore you to join us in the fight against these unfair acts of discrimination. We truly believe that with your support, we have a fighting chance of curbing these unfair practices against law abiding riders.

Thank you very much and more power to you.

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