Fresh rubber. Michelin Pilot Activ

Fresh rubber. Michelin Pilot Activ.

  • All depends what you are looking for... There are no "bad" tires if you go for brand names. I have had Heidenau K60 in the original sizes for a while, and it meets the purpose to some extent. I'm considering Pirelli Scorpion Trail though, as I'd like the emphasis on road profile. Upgrade in sizes too, as Scorpions come in 150 for rear and 110 front.

  • doesn't that imply a rework on the odometer? changing the tyre size messes up the odometer reading right?

  • i wouldnt go there stick to tyre sizes it come with

  • The possible alterations on the odometer or speedo readings are nominal. This is the width of the tire that changes, not the diameter of the whole wheel. ;)

  • wider tyres can scuff on chain and chain gard they dont last any longer and it probly handle worse

  • Class!

  • Mal >>> no such thing. LSL installs 150 and 110 tires on their models all the time. I tested one, it actually handles better ;)

  • I went with 130/70-18 for the rear. Slightly shorter/stiffer tire wall should help with handling a bit. Not to mention helping to improve rear breaking just a tad with new rubber.

  • Jeff, I don't think you will notice any difference.

  • I'll have to slap stickers on it and feel it on the buttdyno.