freezing cold in Belgium kawa babe in the garage underneed her blanket


freezing cold in Belgium, kawa babe in the garage underneed her blanket..

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  • Snow in West Yorkshire yesterday. Bottled it took London train. Sun came out! damn.

  • Banchory Scotland been raining 3 days gave up with bike now in shed till March Edinburgh Bike Show! :)

  • Gerbing jacket liner. Gerbing gloves. Heated grips. Weise Dynastar jacket. Back to riding all year round with the powered kit. Sublime

  • severe arthritis in knees hips and wrists naa think it will stay in the shed! lol

  • Central Scotland still using the bike daily and loving it, poor car has only done 7,000miles in 2years

  • jep Graeme, hope the weather will be better in May;-)

  • March is when it starts getting better thats when I go back on the road anyhow! lol

  • Not so cold in Lisbon :-) i ride my babe :-)

  • Graham for your knees make sure they are always windfree.

    Sometimes you kan put extra kneesprotection and there I put journalpaper to make sure the are ful protectet from the wind.