Four hids lighthousebrightness

Four hids #lighthousebrightness

  • Hi Gary, how easy was it to find space for the ballasts ??

  • First I bought two all in one mini his with the ballet mounted on the back of the bulb but they are shite and I replaced them with 35w ac hids which have a small ballast ,well the ballast is two parts really and I have two on each side under the fairing infills there is plenty of room and the hid bulb itself fits just like a normal bulb ,some say hids don't flash for the high beam but they do and even if it shortens their life using the flasher I don't care as they are cheap now ,I've had them in for ages now and no problems at all

  • Cool, will look these up, was worried I had no room for ballasts as I have a Nautilus horn in the right hand fairing by the indicator

    Looks great with the hids, how much were they please ??

  • Off ebay mate can't remember off hand but sub £30 for each set and prop cheaper now ,don't buy the overpriced "bike" ones just get h9 hids as they fit in both beams even though the highs are h11 ,I use 35w ac hids with slimline ballasts, you can get 55w ones for even more light if you wish

  • Cheers for that, can't believe how much the prices have dropped

  • All you do is put the power wires from the hid ballast into the plug for the bulb and you can get wiring adaptors for plug n play ,I have two but the others are just held in with insulation tape,pice off piss mate if you can swap halogen bulbs you can fit hids ,even if you put the power wires in the wrong way it's no bother they just won't light and it causes no damage just swap em till they light

  • Had them 3yrs ago on a GSX1400 but as a naked bike it was easier to work on but I'm sure hids over £100 back then, these will be a little treat as soon as I'm back in work