Found this sticker on my 1990 c model. must of been a early recall


Found this sticker on my 1990 c model...must of been a early recall. ..

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  • Snap! Mines on the tank where the seat covers it

  • Cool!! Real history!!

  • My chain came off with the front sprocket at 60mph a month before the recall! It damaged the engine casings and cost £600 to repair. I contacted kawasaki and said it was too late it had already happened. They couldnt be sure who put the chain and sprockets on, so paid the parts cost (£400) as a goodwill gesture!

  • I have that sticker too , factory ' forgot ' the lock washers on the front sprocket .....cough which might lead the slight damage if front sprocket comes undone ....think I still have the recall letter ....Colin Webb I think your lucky to be alive with that one my brother

  • I had the recall done , but never had the sticker :D