Found out that the part number for the rear wheel bearings is 6304LU Does...

Found out that the part number for the rear wheel bearings is 6304LU. Does anyone know the part number for the sprocket carrier bearing?

  • I knew it was the wheel bearings

  • To be honest I'm not sure what's wrong yet. I've got some movement when I got the sprocket carrier in place with the spacer and the cush without the spindle. So it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the bearings, and I don't think that there's something wrong with them. But I thought that I might change them while am it just to be sure.

    I think that the cush might be the problem. It's unevenly worn on the outside and I think that this is why I can wiggle the carrier when it's under pressure. What's bothering me right now is that I don't understand what's caused this. The wheel was tightened so that leaves me with either bad bearings or a damaged inner spacer.

    What I would like to know is how much space there should be between the carrier and the wheel with the carrier in place with just the spacer (without the cush). In my opinion I've got a bit too much space there right now. The only reason I can think of that would cause this is if the wheel bearing isn't fitted correctly. If they didn't manage to get it all the way in that would mean that's it's to far out, and that would of course give me a bit too much space between the carrier and the wheel. But I've bolted the whole wheel together on the floor and tightened it, and that should have been enough to put the bearing in place if it was a bit off to begin with.

    So it's still a mystery.

  • I know it's a ball ache but can you borrow a complete rear wheel from someone who is nr you and compare your wheel to the other?

    It may answer all you questions

  • My friend got one and it's standing right beside mine. We haven't taken he's wheel off. But he's carrier is lot tighter to the wheel (can't wiggle it) when it's in place compared to mine. That's how I came to the conclusion that my carrier doesn't fit correctly.

    The only things that I believe can cause this is the cush or if the left wheel bearing isn't fitted correctly. If I replace the bearing (all of them of course) there's only the cush left. Getting a new one here isn't a option, and buying a second hand on eBay is probably a waist of money.

    So I'm gonna replace the bearings and try to work with the cush I've got. In gonna place a layer of rubber beneath the cush (inside the wheel), and work with that till I get that carrier to fit properly.

    I did however found something that might have caused this. I examined my chain and sprockets and they all seem to be fine at a first glance. Sprockets are definitely ok even compared to new ones. But when I took a closer look at the chain I found three links in a row that's taken some beating. That might have been enough to make the rear sprocket wiggle a bit when they passed, causing the uneven wear on the cush. Haven't decided if I should change sprockets yet, but I will replace the chain.

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  • Check your bearings by putting thumb and finger inside inner race. Turn inner race and try to pull and push it in and out. The race should turn smoothly with no notching. There should be no clicking in and out either.

    The cush drive is positioned by the internal spacers. As I said earlier, the spacers and bearing inner races are all clamped in place by the wheel spindle/axle and there should be no movement. The wheel with spacers should fit snugly inside the swingarm. If any spacers are too short it will damage the bearings.

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  • I've got no unusual movement's or noise in any of the bearings. They all seem to be perfectly fine. But it does feel like the there is a small space between the bearings and the spindle if I wiggle it. I've measured the spindle and it seems to be fine. But with the spindle in place it comes down to how it feels in your hands, and as I'm not sure I'm gonna replace them. Better safe than sorry.

    I think that it might be the cush that's unevenly worn or perhaps the inner spacer. But I'm gonna replace the bearings and take it from there.

  • If there's no problem with the bearings, why replace them?

    Check that wheel bearings are fully pushed into their housings and spacer should be a snug, not loose, fit between the inner races.

    Fit the sprocket hub without the cush drive and see how it feels in the wheel. With the cush drive rubbers fitted the spacing should be the same when the axle nut is tightened up. Uneven cush rubber wear is a worry as all the rubbers should wear evenly and in the same place.

    If you want a chat about this or anything else, ill send a friend request and then my phone number?

  • I don't think that there's something wrong with the bearings. But hopefully they have them in stock here, and if so I think I'll change them just to be sure.

    The inner spacer fits perfectly against the bearing in the carrier hub. The only things that's concerns me is if either the inner spacer is worned, allowing too much movement between the spacer and spindle, or if the left wheel bearing isn't fitted to the housing correctly. The last part is easy to check. So the question is how much movement I should have between the inner spacer and the spindle. Compared to my old suzuki I'd say it's ok as it is.

    I'm gonna play around with the cush to see if I can make it all fit a little bit better.

  • The inner wheel.spacer doesn't turn, so shouldn't wear. It is trapped between the bearings and spacers when you tighten the wheelnut onto the axle. Likewise there shouldn't be wear between axle and wheel bearing inner races.

  • I've just heard about a guy here that's been working on kwakis for ages. I called him up and explained the situation and he said that it's most probably the cush drive. He said that there should be some movement between the spindle and the inner spacer, and he had never heard of anyone having a problem with the spacer.

    I asked if he thought I should change the cush. But he didn't think that it was worth it as they usually gets worn pretty quickly. He said that I'd be better off if I used the old trick with rubber pieces and fitted some pieces of rubber beneath the cush, just enough to make it fit ok against the hub.

    So I'm gonna try this first and maybe drive by his place later so he can have a look at it.

    Thanks for all your help guys