• Found a near perfect match for red on the c1. 1. 85 from asda

    Found a near perfect match for red on the c1.£1.85 from asda.

    • Really FFS

    • Suits you, duckie!

    • That's what my GF did with hers.

    • What was that Roland

    • I dropped a socket on it and scratched the tank.

    • No problem with my C1, it's black.

    • rs paints are looking £9.50 for a touch up.

    • Is it a candy black?

    • Ouch!

    • No, just plain black.

    • But as we all know, black, black and black are 3 totally different colours...

    • Very true ,I had a tank respray on my Honda cb750 and the black on the tank did not match the rest of the bike.

    • I'm glad mine is plain black, as it'll be much cheaper when I buy the paint for the respray. It's the blue that will have to be mixed up specially.

    • Have you checked out any paint shops?

    • JCB yellow has 21 different codes

    • There's one in town that does it. I just need to go up there with my list.

    • I only need 1/2 a litre of the blue so it won't cost the earth.

      2 litres of black basecoat, 2-3 litres of 2K lacquer, plus primer, thinners etc. I reckon about £150 for the lot.

    • My brother is doing the spraying, so I've only got to pay for the paint, and a few beers.

    • You tell us you're making your nails match your bike? WTF... then you should buy a Honda; then you can feel the wind on your vagina... ;)

    • Ouch...!