FOR SALE my slow but gorgeous W650

FOR SALE, my slow but gorgeous W650.

'03 plate, only done 4k miles, all standard and I've just spent £500 on it on new BT45s, tubes, full service and the back rack which I'll include.

I'm looking for £3300 and it's in Glasgow.

Please and thankyou.

  • I just might have a prospect. I'll let you know. But I'm delivering the CX I did up to him today so he might think his shed is full. Replacing the CX with an old Beemer.

  • Ok cool you can let me know.

  • noooo ! say it aint so !

  • No sale. Too many bikes. Someone should snap it up.

  • Good luck with the sale. What are replacing it with?

  • good luck, for the W lol

  • Ok thanks for asking anyway Colin-

    Ned im not sure yet, something quicker but not a sportsbike.