For Andy Meeks


For Andy Meeks ;)

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  • And another portrait :-p.., it must be landscape because of the format of the calender, picture at the top and calender below.

  • like this andy ? ....its ok no need to thank me

  • Exactly like that mate only completely different :-)

  • And pray tell where is your pic?

  • ha ha i will get on it ..soon

  • Terry Trash Homer , The only thing you will be getting on soon is the sofa :-p

  • don't call her that ... she dont like it

  • That is true. Well...: I didn't like it anyway haha

  • Cody Rhea Griffith , I thought it was great, just the wrong angle :-p

  • I know

  • I have 2 of someone else, unfortunate- not by a Kawa.