For all those that want to crank up the rear shock here is a trick the result...


For all those that want to crank up the rear shock here is a trick( the result of hours of drinking planning juice and scritchin my heed). Pull the battery then there is 1 8 mm bolt and 2 Philips screws hold the side of the battery box in place. Pull the side out and stick yer 3 foot pipe wrench on the the preload nut and have at er. No effort required. Cranked mine up all the way cause with the trailer missus and myself we be 1700 lbs

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  • The owners manual or service manual says they come preset for average sized rider of 150 lbs. don't know how Kawasaki decided 150 pounds was average sized rider. I cranked mine up too when I had it.

  • Replaced mine with a Hagon Shock, $469.00. Custom built to my specs. I also pull a bunkhouse trailer, have hard bags and tour pack. Great results.

  • Did the same but I got the remote adjuster done the forks as well BIG DIFFERENCE she's on rails now no wallowing in da corners surprises a few people when the tractor rounds them up hehehe

  • What did use in the forks?

  • Kawasaki is Japanese... Theyre all pretty small there

  • Progressive springs and some new oil and shims to help slow oil flow when braking not so much dive now

  • I just turn this knob to crank up my shock

  • Yep se here, we run a fully custom built Ohlins shock, brilliant.

  • Yeah, been there, the standard shock simply can't cope with all the weight and hard preload. Once wound up it simply overwhelms the dampening causing pogo effect (& still bottomed out hard) This Also has a rather bad side effect of further devouring rear tyres in no time. We found it literally ate tyres in about 3thou km's. The only cure for these beasts wearing large loads is complete shock replacement equipped with remote adjustable preload. With no exaggeration the difference in the way the bike handles is nothing short of amazing. Furthermore after some close scrutiny of tyre wear and dialling in achieve the correct dAmpening also drastically reduces premature tyre wear issues. Our beastie is fully kitted and only ridden two up, ridden hard and on course chip twisty roads, we are now easily achieving 12thou km plus on Bridgestones. Cheers