For all the guys running 40 plus light bars do you have to upgrade your battery...

For all the guys running 40" plus light bars, do you have to upgrade your battery or electrical system? I imagine it's fine while driving but will it handle the load at idle?

  • Plus rear lights, plus 900 watt stereo! On normal battery.... yes I should

    Probably run dual set up, but to many miles on my rig to set up.... will wait till

    I upgrade. But as long as I run anything while I'm driving there hasn't been a problem

  • I didn't mines a 50 inch

  • Good to hear. My Ranger gave me fits with a stereo and 150 watt halogens which is a different ballgame but makes me nervous to start down that path again.

  • A 50-inch light bar only pulls about 4 1/2 amps.

  • Running a 52 w/o problems.

  • I had a winch, stereo, and light bar. burnt my stock battery up within a couple months. bought a optima yellow top and haven't had a single problem

  • Good deal, sounds like the light bar is going on, thanks!

  • New leds don't pull much power you should be just fine

  • Mine had a 50 inch, and as long as I was running down the road about 30 miles an hour, it was fine. In the woods I could watch on my digital voltmeter and the battery voltage with drop below 11 volts. Stock battery

  • I have a light bar a winch and a sound system and mine holds up fine