• FlashTune complete On-Bike ECU Flashing Kit

    Flash your ECU and multiple ECU'S at half the cost of a Bazzaz or Power Commander V with ignition module. You can flash your ECU as many tines as you want. Want to tune another bike, the license is $100 per bike and follows that bike. It also controls your Fuel Tables, which is what PCV & Bazzaz Z-Fi does, but at a fraction of the cost once you buy the kit. Ran me $50p + shipping and includes a bundle of unrestricted U.S. and unrestricted European files. European model bikes are more powerful than US bikes.

    So, I have the dealer version of the FlashTune (FTECU) kit. I bought the On-Bike version for many reasons:

    1. Don't have to remove the ECU everytime you want to flash the ECU. (This costs you money taking out the ECU everytime they do a run and make changes)

    2. You can run FlashTune while the bike is on THE DYNO so you get real time data. The tuner can fill in every cell on the fuel table which is only like, 100 individual cells instead of just getting a WOT tune since he'd be blind or have to use his own software, which won't match up perfectly with any ECU Flashing Program.

    3. The ECU harness is cheaper than the bench harness. Half the cost.

    4. Wire in the harness permanently and forgetbit. Yes, it can be removed if you sell the bike, but I don't recommend installing it, Uninstaller it several times.


    This will work on Suzuki's (which is highly restricted), Honda's, Kawasaki's, Yamaha's, etc... check out their website.

    If you own a 2013-2017 Kawasaki ZX-6R, I have the $50 harness I will sell along with it.

    Flashing the ECU doesn't just increase power, it improves rideability such as the herky jerky-ness of throttle transitions (on throttle, off throttle, on throttle) which can not only be a nusuence, but while in a turn, can dramatically upset the chassis. Remove top speed limiter, raise your speed limiter individually per gear, individually control each individual cylinder, throttle plates, (secobdary throttle plates), injectors (secondary throttle plates) all individually once again by each individual cylinder, ignition timing, ignition advance, change your fuel maps on each cylinder (no need for a Power Commander or a Bazzaz, although running both gets you the most power if you run the Bazzaz Z-AFM, disable exhaust servo check engine light (no need for a Servo Buddy), disable Pair Valve, increase/decrease engine braking individually per gear & RPM, change TC settings on each individual TC Modes so if you have received settings, you can change how it all works, change the different maps on your Power Mode Selector so if you have High, Medium & Low Power Mode, you can make it Race for race fuel, Street for premium fuel and economy mode or whatever you want, disable TC lockout (say you don't use your TC because you like doing wheelies or whatever, everytime you turn your bike off, does it default back to Traction Mode 1? This keeps it at its last setting including off.

    I can go on & on & on about what this can do. You can even make money doing this, which I have made over a grand Flashing bikes. You don't have to know how to do ECU tuning, cause all bikes have an unrestricted map for you to upload & flash. You can make changes, which some are super easy, others are not, because you'd need to have gone to school for that, but for stuff like that, that's when they need to take it to a dyno anyway.

    This basically rewrites the factory ECU to get it to do whatever you want. You can go basic or advanced. For instance, if you want to change the fuel table, it's simple, just plug in what AFR, example; 12.9:1 AFR, you can do that easily. It's as simple as excel. Fuel tables eirk exactly like Bazzaz or Power Commander. One neat feature, is that you can import a Power Commander or a Bazzaz fuel table directly into FlashTune and have that map in the ECU instead of the piggyback fuel controller.

    Going with a Kawasaki Kit ECU, but I also have another FlashTune suite that's identical to what I'm selling. $200 to have FlashTune or any other company to do a mail based canned tune. But anytime you add on a power component, you have to resend it in, pay for shipping, pay to have them change a few things that takes them 5 minutes to do and wait 1-3 weeks to get it back. It's generic. All bikes, cars.... motors & environments are different.

    And the best for last..

    An ECU based QuickShifter! Sport Rider Magazine said that FTECU's quick shifter, which is adjustable for fuel cut-off per gear, is better than BMW's, Kawasaki's, Aprilia and other higher priced standalone QS's. I forgot what issue it was, but it was from this tear. I think it might have been on the FZ-09.

    The most expensive part of this system is the cable that connects to the plug that connects to the ECU's harness to the laptop. It has a serial number do it can't be duplicates and is tied to the account.

    Any questions, feel free to adk. If you have a bike and want to see a screenshots of what options you can change and/or show you the differences between the stock file and the unrestricted map (one for a slip-on & one for full exhaust on every bike) you can upload, let me know. FTECU also has a user database that people can share their files with. You also get to keep all of your own files that you created or changed on their server as well so you don't have to fear if your computer crashes. It's double backed up.

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