First race this week end from 4 years


First race this week-end from 4 years

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  • I agree with you

  • I have to learn how to ride it

  • ouch

  • ... in my near there is a MX - Shop, they have sooooo much of these elbow guards that they sell em. I got one pair ... but my uncle also told me some 25 years ago when he owned my current KX500, skin is much cheaper than guards because skin grows .... here is a pic of him. p.s. good recovery

  • fair play to your uncle Thomas Egger, but you and everyones else knows to wear them.

  • safety first ... hehe

  • ... but shit can always happen like here when riding bicycles with my "now" wife Christina in 1999

  • fuck that looks bad mate

  • the doctors said: even when you want, you will never get a stick like this through a leg without injuring enyting. They opend the leg from knee down to foot - 3 hours later and 10 cleaning op's later they let me go and day 12 - after 7 weeks I was able to close my garages roof project and 4 months later the last little thing was closed to swing a leg over my MX again - no trouble no pain, never (have to knock on wood now) just in wintertime when the cold wind comes from the shoes up I fell cold becaus of NO little hair on the stitched skin ....

  • mate you've been through the wars, glad it's all mended, I know what you mean about the cold after my accident

  • Thomas Egger

  • Flywheel weight helps wheel spin..

  • Thomas Ouch,that had to hurt!

  • Darren Fields