First fever since Kawasaki diagnosis in October It took several treatments to...


First fever since Kawasaki diagnosis in October. It took several treatments to try to get rid of the ugly monster from October to December. I guess I'm posting to look for reassurance?? How was your little ones first fever post KD? I HATE fevers with a passion. My other daughter had complex febrile seizures in 2014.

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  • My LO currently has the flu, first fever since KD was Tuesday. It came on so fast, I was so scared of a reoccurrence. His temp maxed out at 103.3. I immediately called his pediatrician, infectious diseases and cardiology who got him in and that's when he tested positive for the flu. He also developed roseola when the fever broke.

    My LO was fussy, with a poor appetite; it was hard to distinguish whether it was fever related or flu related.

    I told my husband, I think for the rest of his life I'll be worried sick whenever he runs a fever.

    Hang in there, mama.

  • I should add my LO was just diagnosed in November.

  • My son gets recurrent fevers every month since kawasaki 102-105. It's been 3yrs and 9months.

  • Oh my word.

  • I couldn't help but notice you're in Kentucky. I am too. Elizabethtown here.

  • I think it's bc they misdiagnosed him for 30 days,gave him the ivig and his fever came right back and they ignored it and sent us on our way. The only good thing is his heart returned to normal after a year.

  • So sorry. That's madness. They don't do anything else with the recurring fevers?

  • No. They was supposed to give him another dose as I learned later but they never did. Bc of his g6pd he's not allowed to have motrin,Tylenol,asprin etc so they just let him wait it out. It's very dangerous I would rather have them give him Tylenol and monitor him.

  • Did your child had the flu vaccine? I am in panic. My son had 5 times ear infection with out fever.

  • Yes! He had the vaccine! I was so panicked because he is on aspirin, as well.

  • Fevers always tend to get us extra nervous because of what we have gone through, but always ends up being a normal sickness. You know what to look for. Go with your gut and listen to your mommy instincts!! Hope she feels better soon!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Thanks as always dawn. You always have the words.

  • ❤❤❤

  • I was giving her a bath this morning before church and on her elbows she has a slight rash that resembles the rash when she was diagnosed. Is this normal?

  • It could be...but when I had doubts I always took him in for bloodwork. ❤️

  • Thankfully we have an appt tomorrow with Dr Schmidt. I'm going to have her look her over really well. One last thing. lol I'm on a roll today