Finished my halo install. 20 multi color leds off ebay

Finished my halo install. $20 multi color leds off ebay

  • Looking good bro....

  • Was it difficult to do this???

  • Not at all Armalito Jager. Just take your time when you use a heat gun to the factory rubber head light gasket

  • just because of you i removed the from plastics with the headlights, and ordered the necessary to start the same mision. i hope to be thats good as you ....will post

  • I'm doing the same to my... Looks good

  • Did you get the kit ?

  • I pieced it together on ebay

  • Milton Jones didn't you do that vid. On you tube

  • Yeah

  • Yeah I'm going to look for that vid. I am getting ready to do this aswell.