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Look at this incredible (and running!) special bike based on a Kawasaki 2000: 2th place at Biker Fest Bike Show Contest in Italy, "metric" category.

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  • I like a Springer front end ... But that ain't it.

  • Wow is that unique

  • Def unique but gawd awful ugly there is some def skill into the build though.

  • Believe me, live is a lot more beautiful

  • Looks to be a beemer front end. The exhaust looks to be an after thought.

  • That thing is as ugly as the day is long, but I give the builder credit. Only Buell can make an uglier bike

  • THAT is one butt-ugly build.

  • You post this pic everywhere and it Is really annoying and not fitting to most posts....not trying to be a jerk, I have no problem with you just stating the obvious.

  • . Rick does like that Golden Cup.