Failed mot cause the tread leading tothe middle of the tyre was unacceptable

Failed mot cause the tread leading tothe middle of the tyre was unacceptable. So that's Zelda off the road for a while cause I can't afford £121 for a new tyre for a while.

  • If its a 180/55 17, i have a second hand one with plenty of meat on it. that will do you till you can afford a new one.

  • Personally I would have objected as the wear is only in the centre.I always believed it had to be three quarters.

  • Have grief about tyres all the time. Police limit is 3mm (cars)

  • As mot tester has be 3 quater with of tyre but down to mot discretion but that a pads in my book.

  • Sorry guys only getting your messages now as I was in bed getting some sleep before Nightshift. I wish I knew this morning that it had to be 3/4 of the tyre tread had to be worn.

  • I can give u a tyre put you on with that's legal if wanna use it

  • There u are Steve save u a job Mr Steve Hanna

  • I'll keep that in mind for the future cheers

  • Cheers for the offer of part used tyres guys wife just informed me we got a bit of a tax rebate this morning and she had moved it to another account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I'll be getting a new tyre to do me the summer now. Thanks for your help everyone

  • More amazed she shared it lol mine wouldn't ha

  • To be fair I was in a bit of shock myself but I did mention if I bought a tyre we wouldnt be able to stay in a hotel when we went to see Ellie Goulding later in the month. She soon mentioned that we have spare cash lol

  • Make it a good night in hotel with her then she might find a bigger stash of cash lol.

  • If its a really good night for her - she might end up costing me more as the last time we went away for the night I ended up with a son 9 months later!!!!

  • Bad as me mine was pregnant for nearly 2 yrs lol pregnant 3 months after our middle more though .

  • yeah I'm heading into hospital soon to ensure it never happens again lol

  • Me too lol or 2 bricks

  • rope between the legs tied to a fence then accelerate away on a D lol

  • Oouch

  • Demon tweeks!!! Just put 3's on mine