• Evenin guys I am after some advice I have managed to resurrect the old girl...

    Evenin guys. I am after some advice. I have managed to resurrect the old girl from a long slumber (not induced by me) and have an issue. When I first got it running, I ran it up for a while, stopped it and restarted it then ran it up until the fan kicked in. When I tried to start it again, it would turn over and wouldn't fire. It seems that there wasn't a spark. After a while it did start. Now, it is even more temperamental and sometimes will start and other times not. I have tried pulling electrical connectors apart and cleaning them, but nothing has worked. Fuel is being delivered, so it must be electrical. Any thoughts????

    • It's turning over alright Roland, so I had ruled that out.

    • I have had similar issues with a tired battery

    • Get all old fuel out..check battery too sounds daft and side stand also

    • Brand new battery.

    • When the battery gets tired the voltage drops while cranking and won't supply enough power to the ignition system. It happens more when the bike is hot

    • All old fuel has been replaced and have had it running from a fuel can and it has a brand new battery. If the side stand was an issue, it wouldn't turn over would it?

    • Even with a full charge it is playing up.

    • One thing that nobody else has mentioned is fuel evaporation from the float bowls. You ran it until the fan kicked in and then switched it off leaving the heat from the engine to evaporate the fuel. This used to happen with mine.

    • Good thinking, but the plugs were still wet.

    • One thing I did think about was that it has had an alarm at one point and I wonder if they have left an immobiliser on it somewhere which might be causing a problem. The spark doesn't seem very strong, so I did think it might be the pick ups.

    • Could be the ECU-ignighter unit. Had a similar problem on a gpz500. Swapped it out and was fine. After changing plugs,leads,coils etc that's all that was left lol

    • Try leaving the bike for an hour to cool down and then try again it's sound like the fuel is evaporating before it gets to the cylinders as the engine is so hot?

    • Sorry Les didn't see your post

    • Where is the ECU igniter?

    • Seat

    • It looks like this.

      The C one is different.

    • Yeah, looks like the C and early D ones are different. Mine has a circular grey plug on it.

    • This is a C one.

    • Thanks for your help guys, you have been awesome. I will double check I have cleaned the terminals on the pickup and if that doesn't work, I'll try a new pickup and ignitor box.

    • Just thinking as it's a intermittent fault more likely to be electrical as you said about a weak spark. If was fuel evaporating in float bowls it would run once the fuel.pump had filled them.

    • Good point les, mine used to evaporate it's fuel if parked up for a few weeks

    • Great minds....Stephen Parr

    • Been over and looked at the offending zed with a good friend of mine and the diagnosis is the carbs. They are going to be stripped ultrasonic cleaned parts replaced as needed and fully set up. On the plus side nice to know there is another zed head close to where I live