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  • Steering damper?

  • yep. The front end tends to skim the pavement a lot lol

  • Yes. I have noticed it gets a bit light. A bit of a wiggle when it comes down hasn't been a problem to date.

  • when you are powering out of a corner and the rear is spinning up, you are still leaned over and it skims the pavement , the damper is a nice addition, as it is on the transition fron the chicane to the bowl at TWS

  • What brand damper is that? Sweet bike, black/orange is the fastest!

  • Motomummy had a special on the PSR, and i have been quite happy with it

  • What a beautiful bitch!

  • thanks Roger !

  • Nice, what brand is the Double bubble? How much $$ ?

  • 40$ ebay special. Perfect fit and high quality, i was totally prepared to be disappointed and be throwing the money away-happily shocked-it's not just ok, it's excellent quality .