Endorphins. D

Endorphins.... :D

That machine is indescribable, incredible. I can't get enough! :)

That power is pure force! :D

  • Just Be Careful, Right now there are a lot of Assholes out there that just didn't see you.

  • It's the same here. I'm careful and mostly i'm riding on small country roads, with less traffic. They are in good condition here. :)

  • In the black forest in Germany :)

  • Cool, Must be Beautiful, I'm in Northwest Pennsylvania, Cool, and Damp. I think I'll be able to ride in August if the weather here stays the Same. Lol

  • Yes, it is beautiful :)

    This is the view from a mountain, not far away from where I live. :)

  • Why can you only ride in august? Have you still got snow?

  • No, It was a joke. Lol It's been a really chilly and Damp Spring here Sorry.