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Hi boys and girls, is there a way to tell between if the battery has failed or the stator? my bike is having trouble turning back on after I shut it off.

Makes the same sound as the one in this video

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  • Its an 08, I've had it for 2 years and I haven't seen anything in the service history about a battery replacement so it may be very old. I ride all winter, so don't bother disconnecting the battery, so perhaps it may be the battery after all.

    I was riding the other day, briefly turned the engine off to check something then it wouldn't turn back on. I also checked in the battery bay and it was full of water, but it had been raining heavily and I think some water may have gotten under the seat.

  • It only had around 30k miles, so maybe the battery is faulty and not charging

  • I would say that a batteri is getting old after five years. Ofcourse it depends on how many times its been under 10 volts and if a charger have been connected or not when stored

  • If the stator was working fine, wouldn't the bike keep running on its own power?

  • my 2¢ is start with a new battery.

  • Most likely not

  • engine needs to hit a certain rpm before the stator creates enough electricity to power all electrics and charge battery

  • If a battery cell has gone down the ECU will sense the low voltage and shut the system down.

  • Start with a new battery for piece of mind for next 5 years anyway, then go from there.

  • Lol this is my video! It was the battery being low

  • Changed the battery and it runs perfectly, thanks for the help all!

  • How long have you been using your old battery? I experienced the same as yours. What was the cause why your battery died out? Was it the charging system or simply the battery was worn out? Thanks.

  • I'm not sure how old it was, certainly more than 2 years, there's more info further up in the thread.

  • Just an update guys, it turns out it wasn't the battery and it doesn't charge.

  • stator or regulator then probably. The Mk. 1 had some problems with those