Elk hit on I 70 last night just 12 miles outside of Grand Junction in Debeque...

Elk hit on I-70 last night just 12 miles outside of Grand Junction, in Debeque Colorado.

I used to ride this stretch of I-70 every morning and night going to and from work.. lucky they were in a truck and not on a bike. Although I do miss hunting bulls like this in Colorado...

p.s. .. you got to love the Colorado State Police Officer posing as if he he got this elk hunting..

  • Better than some ugly, spoilt, narcissistic bitch with a bow in Africa! Grrrrrrrr

  • They don't have elk in Africa.

  • Well said John Sullivan anyone who murders animals for sport has no place on this earth ... They should be in hell

  • Damn my bike would only be a fly on his butt