Electrical Question Under the coil are those three connections The middle one...


Electrical Question - Under the coil are those three connections. The middle one goes to the display thingy on top of the tank. When THAT one is plugged in, and I turn on my blinkers, all 4 blinkers flash at once. When it's unplugged, they work correctly (only one side).

Any clue as to what's going on?

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  • That link made my head hurt Dave...

  • What! No, that is fun stuff ;-) You will be an expert by the time you are done with this.

  • Yep welcome to the mechanic world of headaches ,,shane lol. look at Diagrams ,,should help you,,, if I wasn't flying to vegas to meet with Mongols I'd Ride there & do it for You then find me a fisshing boat buy some shrimp then head back home

  • Dang !Dave Your funny lol ,,,good but f-u-n-n-y

  • I was trying to find a picture of an installed one for reference...

  • Lol at Dave. You would never know it, but I had several classes on digital circuits back in college. Didn't enjoy those labs then either...

  • That's funny I taught that in Collage in Austin ,,,

  • My undergrad is in computer science, masters in software engineer.

  • You can do this Shane !! this is simple electronics 101,,honest engine , look at schematics , twist tie(temporary) a diode in line where you think it should go try it out if not work reverse it still not work try it on other line , I put mine on blinker indicator light in Instrument Panel found that in a forum , but not taking tank off for shot, God Bless & Have a Great Week get away from it drink some coffee ,try it when you have it in mind young grasshopper

  • Shane, what were your end findings on this / what did you do to resolve?