Electrical question regarding the gear position sensor 13151 0032 My bike is...


Electrical question, regarding the gear position sensor (13151-0032). My bike is a 2009 model.

Can someone please explain to me, how does the ECU get feed-back on which gear the bike is at? As showing on the picture, only the neutral position is different from the others. I had expected a resistance bridge or switch combinations - but nothing.

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  • My understanding is the gear position switch sensor has resistances for each gear.

  • Hmm, I am not convinced about the resistance. I just found this statement.

  • The disc on the sensor has resistors embedded in it and the ecu reads each value as a gear( except neutral which is a seperate signal. The ecu then calculates the amount of spark advance require based on gear position vs speed

    The resistor mod takes the signal from the gearposition sensor and makes it the same value for all gear( except neutral). So the ecu thinks the bike is in 5 all the time

  • Yes I know the "resistor mod", but this mod is for the 05-07 models. Mine is a 2009 model and even the part number of the sensor is different. Mine is 13151-0032 and your are 13151-0036.

    So I would like to understand the difference between the two.

  • Well, found this in the manual also, a bit further down. So there must be a resistor network after all. I will go measure this on my bike tomorrow.

  • As far as I can tell the sensor on 08 and up is a shared part with other models. The 04-07 sensor uses the same value resistor for gears 1-4 and a different value for 5. The ecu is looking for only 2 voltage levels to calculate spark advance

    08 and higher sensor outputs different voltages depending on which gear which allows for a gear position indicator on bikes such as the zx10. The ecu still only requires 2 different values for advance but you can install an aftermarket gear position indicator

  • Other than having a huge curiosity as to how this works is there something you are trying to fix/modify here sir?

  • Can you use this to put a gear

    Indicator on you're bike.?

  • Curious if the curiosity also!..

  • Should be able to but it would have to be a teachable one. By that I mean it will have to be set for the variable voltage signal

  • 08 09 10 all gear positions are of the same input ..04 05 06 07 all gear inputs are different.. The resistor mod makes all inputs the same as in 5 th gear

  • My mistake. Had it backwards

  • Yes I have a small project in mind :-)

  • Yes exactly ;-)

  • We have someone in our club he did this already.

  • OK do you know who?

  • Yes Henrik

    Dirk de vries

  • Looks like this plugs directly to the Dignostic System Connector, like shown as (A) on the picture.

    John Versteeg do you know if the indicator reacts right away or if it has a delay to it?

  • That one is crazy expensive 109-125 Euro. That is not going to happen. Would have payed 25 Euro, no more. Will make it my self then.

  • Was 100 Euro in Holland

  • I had to ask hem about it .

    How it works I let you now .

  • Hallo Henrik Mogensen

    It is working direct no delay .

    And it is connected on the service plug.