• Eidmantas Ivanauskas shared a link to the group: The Kawasaki ZZR1100 Appreciation Society.

    Please shine some light for me on the pricing. As an example: http://www.autogidas.lt/kawasa ki-zzr-1994-021277317.html

    What the pricing should be for certain year models? Which year to go after? This one seems to have some 'mods' and the color - to me is just 'corrible'.

    • In general the later the better, the colour is a matter of personal preference. Sensible mods can add to the value, but standard bikes are more sought after. Luggage sets are a plus if you want them, or you can take them off and sell them.

    • Thanks mate. I am generally not picky, but that color just kills me.. I'd rather have it in pink.. :D

    • Prices go from well under £1000 for tatty bikes, to £2500 plus for mint examples.

    • As I understand ( based on this: http://www.zx11.info/zx11/hist ory.htm ) there weren't major changes along the years at all? As long as it's a D in proper shape (1993) and up, I suppose it's the best ZZR that you can get?

    • No, there weren't any major changes apart from the C and D models. Usually just different colours and graphics.

    • The paint job on that one is not standard.

    • Yeah, it looks like something that's been.. err.. customized to somebody's personal taste ;) I will probs keep a look until spring comes locally, it'd be a bother to go to Germany to get something from mobile.de

    • Where are you?

    • Lithuania mate :) Eastern Europe. Lots of folks here from UK, and it's a possibility to just fly over and drive back, but that'd be a journey I wouldn't want to do on a new bike.. haha

    • Not too many ZZR1100s in Lithuania, I would imagine. Too cold for one thing.

    • Yeah :) The bike season is quite short over here. This autumn is also cold AF. Though a few days back I drove an R150GS for an hour-ish, 5C wasn't too bad. So - without discomfort, mainly from April to September. But TBH, the Bike season closing event over here had so many bikes, I wondered how many countries were there.. thousands.. I saw only a few ZZRs though :) they were prestine.