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Hello please help me,what i should to do,my moto is Kawasaki z750 video is:

f1 light flashes even when the keys in my hand.....After starting the engine when f1 light burns all the time, when I turn off the engine - the f1 light is Blinking.....

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  • Nothing? Its just showing the immobiliser is active from what I remember. If you are concerned you could download the service manual and find out how to read error codes and what the codes mean.

  • yes I have manual and I look video on youtube about codes....

  • or ignore the f1 twinkling lights? if the motorcycle and drives well ...... And there is nothing terrible :)

  • From my memory the f1 light blinks to show the immobiliser is armed. If you are concerned put it in dealer mode and see if it throws up any error codes and proceed from there

  • thanks I wiil try...

  • Hi. If iremember right the FI light is for the fuel air mixture. There are complains after the exhaust has been changed to aftermarket one and the engine hasent been mapped correctli or at all.

  • chek from this page

  • thanks