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  • (Y) but I can´t see a mountain ;-)

  • How was it?

  • I had no idea there was a mountain in Florida

  • all 312 feet of it

  • Same as above, looking for a horizon view but can't find it

  • Sugarloaf Mountain is the fifth highest named point in the state of Florida. At 312 feet (95 meters) above sea level it is also the highest point on the geographic Florida Peninsula. The mountain is in Lake County, near the town of Clermont. Comparatively, Florida's highest point, Britton Hill, rises to 345 feet (105 meters) above sea level in the Florida Panhandle. However, Sugarloaf Mountain is the most prominent point in the entire state. Source Wikipedia

  • Not really a much of a mountain!

  • Now, this is a mountain. Standing on skis on Wildcat Mountain, looking at Mount Washington (6288 ft = 1917 Meters), New Hampshire.

  • Made the climb on paved roads. No problem. No switchbacks needed on this mountain. Access road goes straight up the mountain.

  • Thats where I'm at. The NH back roads are so scenic, have few cars and are perfect for our V's

  • I used to love riding in NH when I lived in New England!

  • The rest of it must be somewhere else!

  • That's because I'm on the top of it.