E ooffer ko po ba MONEYBACK Guarantee


E ooffer ko po ba "MONEYBACK Guarantee"

kong hindi guarantisado ang Fire Storm filter sa motor mo?

7 days kong hindi mo magustuhan pwede mo e REFUND pera mo? (OFFERS LIFE TIME USE PO, Ganyan ka SULIT.)


Connect mo lang sa battery + and - lang?

At lalakas at bibilis na ang motor mo. Titipid pa ang gasolina mo,

Offers MONEYBACK Refund pag di mo nagustuhan.


Applicable for any Motorcycle CARB or FI Engines.


Sure additional EFFECTS po

1.) Fuel Efficiency ( 1 liter additional 4 to 5 kilometers)

2.) Responsive Engine every throttle.

3.) Less Engine Noise (lagitik / tagiktik ng makina)

4.) Muffler Sound different less noise (bou tunog)

5.) Smooth when changing gear (sibat kahit high rpm pasok)

6.) No more Delay in every throttle (arangkada every piga)

7.) from High RPM to Low RPM easy roar ( pagbalik low rpm piga swabe )

8.) More Torque from 1000rpm to 3000rpm ( swabe arangkada )

9.)Increase low end horsepower ( starting open throttle may lakas )

10.) Good combustion in your chamber ( Maganda po sunogan ni Sparkplug )

11.) FOR LIFETIME USE po kasi may fuse po sya na safety feature kong sisirain man sya ng battery or regulator si fuse lang po masisira.. red wire fuse.


Price of 2,600 php Free shipping via LBC. Hindi mo nagustuhan in 1 week? pwede mo sauli sakin, at e rerefund kita ng 2,300 php.


Feel free to message me for more information.

Fb page : Fire Storm Legit PH


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