Dumb question is the clutch fluid just motor oil I want to change the clutch...


Dumb question is the clutch fluid just motor oil? I want to change the clutch fluid but don't know with.

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  • PTT. Bike is a little over a year old and has 9k miles. Catalyst Reaction setup my suspension a couple months ago. Will need it adjusted once I lower the tire psi.

  • Should be good. Ptt is a great group. Done many track days with them. Get an instructor to show you the lines then work from there. You'll probably want to move from c group to b group by lunch time. Lol.

  • What tires you running?

  • Brake fluid should last a long time. Why do you want to change it so soon?

  • Dot 5 brake fluid. Use a turkey baster you can buy at store for couple of dollars and suck it out then add new. Don't get on the abs plastic, it will ruin it.

  • Ben the fluid is really dark. John I Used Dot 4 and used the method you mentioned.

  • That's fine. You might want to change the brake fluid while you are at it. At least the top of the bowl unscrews not like some of the other bikes.I have to do mine again.

  • DOT 5 is not compatible with 3 and 4, don't mix them.

  • Yes. It is a wet sump. Runs on engine oil

  • Running a set of Bt016 that have less than 1k miles on them. Hopefully they shouldn't get to greasy later in the day.