Due to my ongoing wrist problems this may have been my last ride for the season...


Due to my ongoing wrist problems, this may have been my last ride for the season, bummer!

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  • Sorry dude , but great bike!!!

  • It is, but in pain the whole ride now. So can't wait for the surgery to correct this issue.

  • Ya I have a 14 also and have 2 titanium rods put in my my arm...It took a while to get back to riding any distance. Actually riding my bicycle seemed to help along with calcium + vitamin D . Hope you get back to riding soon!! The ZX 14 certainly offers the ability to ride a many miles a day. I see you even have the hard bags, Are those the bags from the Concors 1400??

  • No Givi kit for the 14

  • I have a big cyst on my wrist joint and nerve. Gotten worse as the summer went along. Needs to be removed.

  • Sorry to hear that Allan - hope you get it sorted really soon.