Don t make me put it on ebay. it s a Givi top box rack fits both models

Don't make me put it on ebay. it's a Givi top box rack, fits both models. paints a bit rough but it does the job. has the quick release Base so you need a givi or fake Givi top box

  • Ian I could never figure out why they didn't use the grab handle for extra support

  • I know. Pretty useless once you have luggage on

  • 40 squids plus postage

  • That's a good price.

  • Still herr

  • I wonder how much wing racks costed in the early and mid 90s? when they were mass produced.. Their prices nowadays are ridiculous.. For few metal bars you have to pay no less than 300€ and the full bag set soime 600-700

  • ridiculous money. used to be companies in london you could go to and get it all made within the hour for 100 quid

  • I'd take it but postage to Ireland will kill me

  • I wouldn't even know where to begin finding a company to deliver there

  • Just go to parce2go. That's who I use, cheap as chips.