Don t buy anything from wee in japan the seat came in at 450 it is a very bad...


Don't buy anything from wee in japan..the seat came in at 450 it is a very bad build its trash scratched and the material is poor.

I wanted to return it but they said I opened the package ..yeah..

I called my card company and they are on it..

Always buy from reputable companies.. this one isn't..

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  • You won't find it on Facebook, email the manufacturer directly they might sort you out of get onto webike to sort you out. As it sits though you have vaguely complained about the company, not shown any pictures of the bad quality or damage etc, gave the world's blurriest photo that we can just barely make out you bought from webike Japan but beyond that... I'm just saying if your seeking help or opinions on here, help us help you maybe?

    Many many many people have bought from webike without issue. Your selecting from a massive assortment of products, its up to you to check out those products before you buy them, Google, find reviews, read the reviews and check the rating on webike itself. Unless your particular seat is somehow mangled or got damaged in transit, but without photos etc who can say? Maybe you can get onto it on the freight company or webike to send another one because the packaging wasn't good enough to protect it. But you gotta calmly explore those options before you jump on social media and condemn the whole company because your frustrated.

  • Yeh pretty much what he said ⬆️

  • Well said, Scott. For what it's worth though, Japanese companies in general have crappy return/exchange policies, at least compared to U.S. companies. What we take for granted as customer right to demand 100% satisfaction doesn't exist there. Most sales are kinda final unless something is grossly defective out of the box.

  • If it's any consolation, I woke up this morning with a mega boner.

  • Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I can tell you that I've bought a lot of gear from Webike in recent times. I have found them to be a very good company. I bought a Nitroheads slim seat for my W at just over half the price that they sell for in Australia. They ship quickly and for orders over AUD600, free shipping. There is always a risk when buying online and you haven't seen the product first hand. Always choose quality over price if you can afford to. There are certain brands I won't touch, regardless of how affordable they are. I still recommend them and I still buy from them. They have a great range of parts for the W. I do hope that you get your refund quickly.

  • hi, feel free to contact me next time you want parts imported from Japan, I've worked with this country for years and know trustable ppl there ;) not convinced webike is the best place to buy Nitro Heads products though

  • Hey Jack, new sensation eh ? :v

  • River Crane is Webike owner in Yokohama shi near Tokyo, wouldn't want to disappoint you but do not expect a lot from them, I know they've tried to sell products abroad to boost their business but prices are more or less the same as the ones you would find everywhere in Japan, at Nankai for example

  • Yip, waking up with a boner is a new sensation, cos usually it keeps me awake all night lol

  • I love your comment Jack, especially with the reaction of Carlo following (or "coming"?) next :-D