Doing the fuel vent mod can I put a inline fuel filter where it comes out of...

Doing the fuel vent mod. can I put a inline fuel filter where it comes out of the tank. The line feels like it has something hard running through it?

  • Michael Pitts, Jason Lax posted a YouTube video and I have had no problems with the way it's ran in the video. Keeps it up high, no drilling, no removing plastics, and you can see the filter and know when it needs to be changed.

  • Why is there a mod that needs to be done? I'm new to the teryx. Have a 15t 4

  • Keeps the water and debris out of the tank so your fuel filter dosnt get dirty

  • They dont just have a filter to change. You need the hole $275+ sending unit

  • The Teryx is a badass machine, why Kawasaki doesn't take care of cheap little fixes like the vent mod. is beyond me. Save yourself a lot of headaches in the future Aaron Evans.

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  • Is it only necessary if you mud? I ride trails

  • Yes. It's actually more dust and water that you need to worry about, but mainly dust. 15 dollars and 10 minutes man. It's good insurance.

  • That's why I shake my head on why they haven't taken care of this problem. That dust gets into your fuel pump and completely ruins it. And that is exspensive as hell to fix.

  • Had the same problem did the vent mod and changed filter and was good to go