Does it bother you guys that V2K doesn t have name like Nomad Vanquero...


Does it bother you guys that V2K doesn't have name like, Nomad, Vanquero, Meanstreak? A while ago someone in my gym asked me what bike I ride- I said Vulcan 2000 , he says oooh pretty old bike, 14 years old, still in good shape? Amateurs. ..

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  • I was looking at the Harley Heritage Classic when my dealer showed me the V2K. It was love at first sight her name is Big Sexy and she flipping ROCKS..

  • M109r, a friend of mine have one, rode it few times, very fine piece of machinery but the look doesn't work for me that much. I prefer classic lines on bikes, mixed design concepts don't appear to me.

  • I have the same problem ordering parts

  • I say I ride with anyone who wants to ride it don't matter what they ride. I just have fun. But I went from a sportster to Vulcan (aka beast)it was a big switch but no regrets

  • the stratoliner is the one bike I would swap for a v2k, want my next to be a victory xc but still the the v2k and stratoliner are superior bikes just not as cool looking and without the ammenties of victory xc

  • No bike bring such a respect like V2K does...end of story.

  • I love my v2k ... I wish she was just a bit faster in the quarter tho. Rwhp should be at least 25% more for a 2053cc twin . I think there's a way to unlock some potential if one could get past the rev limiter

  • 1 and only 1 thing I dont like about the beast is the stock seat, they really dropped the ball on that part. Stock seat on my c90 boulevard felt as comfy as a couch

  • I have a sadelman

  • Yep not that found of the seat ether